What will a wedding ceremony or a bar mitzvah become if there is no DJ around? Disc jockeys offer more than just music. They also set the ambiance, get people grooving, and at times, serve as the host of the celebration. There’s a great deal of work that goes behind the scenes for sure. Here’s what you must know before you hire one.

1. Good DJs put in a lot of work before the party.

Even though a few individuals believe that DJs just show up to an event with a mobile computer and press play, being a disc jockey basically calls for a lot of work behind the scene. There’s paperwork to be done, like contracts. They also have to process venue and vendor agreements, get gate codes and parking access, and file tax and insurance forms.

A lot of work also concerns pre-planning and curating playlists for the event. Pre-planning can include site visits, lighting design and style, rehearsals, sound checking, and practicing.

DJs should also arrive early at the location to coordinate extras such as props, lighting, dancers, and video projectors. Setting up and tearing down equipment may also take a substantial amount of time and effort.

2. A DJ’s fee might be higher than what you expected.

The charges of DJs may go anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand. Many DJs say that you always get what you pay for. A low-priced DJ that only works a few gigs per month may not own quality equipment. A costlier DJ typically has more experience, not to mention professional equipment and a huge music library. He is also licensed and insured.

3. Many DJs don’t like dry events, bright lights, and carpets.

DJs prefer doing work in venues with a tile or wooden dance floor and not carpets because carpets aren’t conducive to dancing, and they feel awkward. DJs also love spinning inside a dark room because many people are too self-conscious to show their moves in glaring lights. Lastly, alcohol helps in loosening up people so they get on the dance floor with no inhibitions.

4. DJs may have mixed fillings about requests.

The last thing that DJs want is a dead crowd. In order to motivate people to dance, DJs spins a range of well-known songs. They switch up the genre and era regularly to impress as many people as possible. Good DJs likewise intuitively sense lulls in the crowd’s energy so they play a different track to get the party back on its track.

Some DJs hate to take requests as they know that several songs may affect the vibe on the dance floor. Additionally, they have already spent a lot of time putting together the ideal playlist. On the other hand, other DJs encourage requests.

If you’re looking to hire Calgary private party DJ, keep on looking until you find the right one. The list above can serve as an overview so you’ll have first-hand information when hiring DJs in your area.