The fundamental job of a retaining wall is to hold soil to prevent it from sliding away and to allow for a water passage to drain from it. This is especially important if you live in an area prone to soil erosion wherein soil can also go all over the place like your driveway. Other than that, retaining walls are also built to make your home look better.

If you have a land area for gardening but is limited in space, retaining walls can not only make your garden aesthetically pleasing but will also give you a bigger surface area for your garden. Heavy rains can erode your newly planted flowers. Retaining walls can help address this problem all the while looking great.

Here are some reasons why you should get retaining walls for your garden if you haven’t already:

1. Protection

Retaining walls can help protect your azalea, gardenias, and roses that you worked so hard to keep alive from the neighbor’s dogs or from children who adore your flowers and want to pick them.

2. Dividers

Retaining walls can also serve as dividers for your property and even for your existing garden within.

3. Beauty

There’s no denying it. These walls add beauty to your garden and the whole property. It can even increase the resale value of your house should you decide to put it up for sale. Gardens with retaining walls add dimension and style to the whole area as opposed to the flat gardens or landscapes.

4. Soil Erosion

Strong winds, heavy rains, and melting snow can lead to soil erosion. If the topmost layer of the soil is eroded, the nutrients go along with it. It can lead to the exposure of the roots of the plants as well causing them to die.

5. Style Options

Contrary to what most people believe in, retaining walls aren’t always the square or linear in nature. They can be constructed in a curved design or in any other shapes. They aren’t always made with bricks as well. The materials available ranges from concrete and steel to wood and stones. Raised gardens will highly benefit from retaining walls for their ability to hold soil and plants together, and give attention to a raised garden.

6. Create a flat garden from slopes

Uphill gardens are beautiful. But they can be challenging to work with even for landscapers. Putting a retaining wall and adding soil can help in achieving a garden that’s easier to work with. In addition, it helps with the problem of soil erosion by allowing water to drain effectively.

Retaining walls aren’t only functional. They can be beautiful as well. They give you an easier gardening job and a high property value as well. There are available DIYs on constructing a retaining wall for your garden. But the wisest thing to do is to leave Garden Retaining Walls to the professionals. They always know what’s best for you and your area. Imagine how a badly installed one will look like.